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Complete Nursery and

Farrowing Floor System

Swine Floor System

The TOP-TREAD Legacy

  • Designed as a system of plastic flooring, JDBeam, cast iron, and brackets

  • Large openings for manure filtration

  • High/low rib design for superior traction

  • Sow Plastic and Interlocking Cast iron

  • Prime Grade, virgin polypropylene with no gas assistance for increased strength and biosecurity

  • Standard and Solid Top flooring panels 

Farrowing Crate Flooring
Nursery Flooring
  • Extremely Durable Prime Grade Polypropylene

  • Easy Installation

  • Hi / Low Traction

  • Large Vented Slots for cleaning

  • Strong Sow 24"x24" Plastic

  • Overlapping and Interlocking Cast Iron


Natural & Black colors

Sure-Step Flooring System cast iron keeps the sow cool and is built to last

Quality Cast Iron Panels


Sure-Step Flooring System's foundation is highly durable and cleanable fiberglass JDBeams

JDBEAM: quality 5" & 6.5" Fiberglass
3" special order available

Sure-Step swine flooring system offers leg supports to meet different configurations

Leg Supports 

Sure-Step JDBeam end supports provide optimal stability for nursery and farrowing crate flooring installs

JDBeam End Supports

Sure-Step hog flooring system j bolts ensure solid, durable assembly

J Bolt Assemblies (bolt, washer, nut)

Sure-Step farrowing crate separation brackets are galvanized to maximize longevity

Crate Separation Brackets

Sure-Step pig flooring system includes separation brackets and JDBeam end supports

Fiberglass Beam

End Supports

Separation Brackets

Specifications & Installation


Specification Sheet


Installation Instructions

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