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Frequently Asked Questions

What is SURE-STEP flooring made of?

Jimdi SURE-STEP nursery and farrowing flooring is manufactured of 100% virgin polypropylene in an ISO 9001 certified facility. Every material batch of polypropylene undergoes rigorous wear and impact testing to ensure consistent quality is always delivered.

What is beneficial about the SURE-STEP's angled Chevron Design?

The SURE-STEP's unique chevron design maximizes traction, cleanability and flow-through by channeling moisture away from the surface of the floor.

What is the largest SURE-STEP nursery panel?

The standard SURE-STEP nursery panel is 18”x24”. This ensures a support beam every 18” which gives customer’s the piece of mind of support and stability in their large nursery rooms.

What colors does SURE-STEP flooring come in?

Jimdi SURE-STEP nursery and farrowing flooring’s standard colors are black, gray and white. If you’re interested in another color we can create a custom color to meet your brand or project’s needs. Just ask.

Where is SURE-STEP flooring made?

For over 30 years we have proudly manufactured Jimdi SURE-STEP flooring in the United States. We ship the Jimdi flooring and accessories out of our warehouse in Ohio. This domestic production enables us to deliver consistent quality and short lead times to meet your needs.

How long has Jimdi been around?

We have been making quality hog flooring since 1989. That's over 30 years of know-how built into the Jimdi SURE-STEP nursery and farrowing crate flooring system.

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