"Nearly one year has past since the installation of my vinyl deck.  As spring approaches, I can’t help but to think of how wonderful it is. You see, as my friends and family begin talk of sealing their decks this year, I know I don’t have to ever mess with that again.  As they slave over the sealing and maintenance of their decks, I will be sitting on mine and enjoying the day.  Heck, I may even give them a prodding phone call just to poke fun at their day of work, while I am relaxing!  Winter has come and gone, and the deck looks as good as new.  It has been a great addition to the value of our home, both tangible and intangible. One of the nicest parts of having such a deck is the fact that I do not have to worry about walking on it barefoot.  There are no nails.  I am sure all of us have stubbed their toe on a nail.  It does not feel good, and some choice words come to mind.  This will never happen and it is quite odd not to even have to worry about the smallest splinter. As we move into spring, and the weather starts to break, we certainly look forward to enjoying many days on the deck."

Matthew C. Parker
Regional Manager, Flagstar Bank F.S.B.
Vice President, Flagstar Bancorp

 "I would just like to voice my appreciation for your Tredz design!  As a construction / sub-contractor, I have installed just shy of 100 "traditional wood" decks.  But, I must say I am truly impressed with the Tredz Deck and Clip system.  This is unlike anything I have ever worked with before --  so easy to work with, yet such a unique clip design.  My deck is sturdy and looks great.  I would not hesitate to recommend the Tredz Deck and Clip system to Customers, friends and family."

John Hutchison
Compassion for Greyhounds

After looking at and researching TREDZ Decking, we were confident that this was the best choice for us, not only in value but in overall product on the market.  My son, wife, and myself installed the deck, railing, and steps on our new home.  The ease of installation made our project go quickly and painlessly.  Not only was it affordable and attractive but the low maintenance was a huge plus for me.  Our grandchildren play on it barefoot!

Douglas B.Spooner, (Vice President, American Seating, Grand Rapids, Michigan)